By Daniel Oliver, in collaboration with Gareth Hustwaite’s ‘Electric Magnetics: The Bastard Light’

CHIPOLATAARTPARTY is a dyspraxic time-travel adventure show involving the good fake future silver clothes and the bad real hypnosis they like to call ‘hypnosis’.

There will be talking, rubbish, rubbish talking, audience participation and a psychedelic light world brought to you by Gareth Hustwaite’s ‘Electric Magnetics: The Bastard Light’.

‘The Bastard Light’ is a large and ever growing experimentally controlled, yet all too often uncontrollable machine built from both obsolete and newly formed technology. It generates chaotic moving image and visual feedback. A post apocalyptic and dystopian view into the future of technology in history.

Together and also with you who will get involved they construct and inhabit a clunky orgiastic utopia that Daniel likes to call ‘chipoloataartparty’. It is in the far future now. It is is the dictatorship of the qweeirdo. Don’t eat the sausages.