Glasgow Tool Library announces its return

The Glasgow Tool Library (GTL) has announced it will re-open on Saturday 24 October.

Open from 11am to 1pm at Civic House at 26 Civic Street, the Tool Library works the same way as a normal library, but instead of sharing and borrowing books, they share tools. 

Like many organisations, they have been shut for the past few months. They are now back with an improved service and new Tool Librarian who is dedicated to looking after and lending the tools.

Glasgow Tool Library has some new safety measures in place including a reservation only system and has extended memberships to make up for the time their doors were closed.

How do I join?

If you’re interested in taking up a membership with Glasgow Tool Library, visit their website for the latest info and how to get involved.

Collaborative economy

Established in 2017, the tool library is a community-led social enterprise and collective that promotes sharing, collaboration and learning as forms of resistance, empowerment and resilience.

By creating a communal resource and community-run library, it aims to challenge unsustainable relationships between use and ownership, promoting a more collaborative economy and society.

Their aim is to bring communities together through the act of sharing by providing people with the tools they need to improve the objects, spaces and places that matter to them.